The hot water system is ( will be ) based on a Solar Collector unit form Navitron with 20 x 58mm evacuated glass tubes
fitted in a frame, to heat circulating cold water fed by gravity from a cold water storage tank.
The water is pushed via a pump into the breather pipe for the hot water cyclinder.

A RESOL3 controller unit has three temperature sensors wired to it and this controls the pump to
supply hot water to the cylinder.
The project also inclues a 150Watt Kyocera photo-voltaic (PV) panel charging
a Gel Battery via a Steca 10A regulator, to operate an inverter which can drive the solar pump, and also provide some low-energy lighting.

The PV bit

July 2008

150W Kyocera Panel on roof beam.

STECA regulator showing current being delivered to battery.

Regulator & 100Ah Solar (GEL) battery.


150W Kyocera Panel

First Solar lightingstrip in kitchen.
2 x 7Watt compact fourescent ( GU10)
2 X 2Watt LED lamps ( GU10)

More sunshine.....